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Xăm chữ tiếng Anh ý nghĩa

Xăm chữ tiếng Anh ý nghĩa
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Meaningful English sentences are a very interesting and meaningful type of tattoo for those who like simple and understandable sentences about everything.

There are beautiful sentences in English tattoo and the meaning of love, family and life is loved by many people.

Meaningful tattoo words you can choose from Vietnamese, English or Thai and Japanese are popular languages, in which English and Vietnamese are the most popular. Vietnamese is a bit simple and easy to understand, English with good and meaningful sentences, is not too difficult to understand and creates the mystery and highlights of its owner.

At least the English tattoo people are often considered “modern” and more open-minded than those who write Vietnamese or Thai characters.

However , you should choose the word to create a beautiful image , you should decide according to your preferences. This article is updated regularly and last on June 26, 2016. Like and share ! Thank you!

Figure tattoo English word meaning to life

image-xam-chu-tieng-anh-y-nghiaThe English word tattoo of “Live in the Present” arm – roughly translated: live for the present

tattoo biceps tattoo in beautifulInternal biceps are quite suitable for tattooing good and meaningful words and phrases. “Nothing on you” is the name of a very good song and the meaning with the full sentence is “They got nothing on you” – They / she doesn’t have what I have.

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Tattoo word meaning EnglishTattoo English meaning of love: “You used to be my all” – I used to be all in my heart. Did you see the flying birds? : ((

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-1Meaning tattoo about dreams: “Dare to dream”, I temporarily translate: Dare to dream


Always do what you are afraid to do- Do what you are afraid of

Sometimes in life, you must know how to overcome fear to reach your dreams and success. Do not be afraid. And the best way to be fearless, is to go ahead and confront it. At that time, difficulties will scare you. This is exactly what this meaningful tattoo wants to tell you.

Tattoo meaning for life for girls in the chestTrust your feeling- Feel free to believe and feel

In life full of temptations and deception, sometimes the words or actions of others make you feel confusing and suspicious. Is the other good person? Will they deceive me? Always believe in your heart, believe in your feelings and feelings. Sometimes people call it the sixth sense. The intelligence and experience as well as the feelings between people and people will lead you to the right path.

Bài viết hay liên quan
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image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-4“We are always on the way” – We are always in a road

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-6“Time flies” – time flies

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-8“Let it be” English word tattoo – let it be like that

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-10Back tattoo: Time to understand a person “Time to see a person”

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-11Only God can touch me

Meaningful English word tattoo on family

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-3“Thanks giving parents” – Thank you for bringing your children to this world – biceps tattoo

English tattoo on chest for girlsMy mother is the heart, that keeps me alive – Mother is the heart that brings life to me in this life – the meaning tattoo of my mother

Tattoo English words meaning about love

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-5“We found love in a hopeless place” We found love in a desperate place

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-2“I have been perfect but not have you” – I’m not perfect enough even when I have you

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-9“I am very much in love with no one in participle” – I don’t love anyone but you

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-12For me life with him is enough

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-13Endless Love

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-15The chest tattoo for both men and women – “You will be in my heart always” – I am always in my heart.

image-xam-chu-chu-anh-y-nghia-16English tattoo in arms – “Everything weill be fine” – Everything is fine!

Meaningful English word tattoo about the love of family and parents’ family Buddha Buddha Zhao’s million years old

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